Richter Goods Shirting Company

Based in San Antonio, Richter Goods embodies the independent spirit of our hometown’s earliest settlers. Focused on manufacturing with specially selected fabrics from heritage mills, our 10 master seamstresses assemble each shirt by hand from designs informed by the landscape of south-central Texas with subtle nods to the lore of the west: pearl snaps, chevron flap pockets, and the occasional arcuate yoke. 

Sincere. Small-batch. Sure-sewn. 

Our clothing is sincerely built. For us, to ensure fair labor conditions and the smallest environmental impact has meant that we've focused on producing in-house. Our shirts are small-batch, which ensures individuality and produces less waste. Every shirt is sure-sewn. We source luxuriously strong fabrics that extend the wearability and life of every garment. 

Proudly Made in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

As one of the remaining shirt-makers in the United States, mastery is at the heart of everything we do. We employ a skilled workforce of people who dedicate their lives to the continued mastery of their skills: mechanics, pattern makers, and seamstresses. It’s our belief in supporting their mastery that led us to manufacture each shirt in-house.

About Mario

A descendant of native Texans, Mario Guajardo grew up in Mexico City encouraged by his father to wear the clothes of his people: neatly pressed western shirts and cowboy boots. At twenty-six, Guajardo moved to Texas hell-bent on manufacturing authentic western shirts in San Antonio.

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